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  An Open Letter to Expatriates,  

Glenn SimonAre you working abroad, based out of country or just an adventuresome globetrotter? If you’re like me and like to travel and enjoy some of the wonders the world has to offer, but are feeling the pressure of the work-save-spend cycle (A.K.A Rat Race) then read on…

You need to be in control of your finances especially in these uncertain times.
Preserving capital and increasing monthly income are the survival skills necessary to build for the future.

When the stock market starts giving you ulcers, it may be time to take some of the profits off the table and put them into a more tangible assets.

Perhaps you are seeking better returns than what the bank, postal accounts or your current investments have to offer. Is it time to think about planning for your children’s future or for your retirement? Are you saving to build a house?

Would you like to invest in something that is safe and secure, doesn’t require a lot of your time but you can still reap a decent return?


“Wealthy people see every dollar as a ‘seed’ that can be planted to earn a hundred more dollars, which can then be planted to earn a thousand more dollars.” T. Harv Eker of The Millionaire Mind

Income producing properties in economically sound areas are safe havens during financial storms.

Investing with Glenn Simon Inc. allows you the confidence and freedom to get into the secure and fundamentally solid, Canadian real estate market. This is not speculative buying. We use a proven system to purchase our properties in areas that are stable, not over inflated or emotion based.

Glenn Simon Inc. partners with you. That means that we do everything from analyzing and selecting the property, managing the asset to the final sale. You will receive all your initial investment back plus 50% of the profits from equity, appreciation and cash flow.

We don’t profit unless you do. We think that you’ll agree that’s a pretty good deal.
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  It’s all about how you can grow your money.  

Most ex-pats leave their home country because they are looking for a higher quality of life, a better lifestyle or have married internationally. Others appreciate the cultural joys and adventure of making their home abroad. Regardless of what kind of ex-pat you are, you're probably thinking of the best way to take control of your finances.

Put your hard earned cash into the most effective investment you can find. At Glenn Simon Inc., we address your needs as an ex-pat with knowledge and experience because we are ex-pats too! We can help you prepare for your retirement, put your capital to work or turn your savings into a down payment for the dream house you want, wherever that may be.

Any nationality can invest and legally own property in Canada with us.

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  A few of the solutions and benefits we offer you:  
  • Any nationality can invest and legally own property in Canada with us.
  • Complete, one-stop investing and management of quality revenue properties.
  • Partnering with a pro that has your best interests in mind (we only succeed when you succeed). Allowing you to leverage our knowledge, financial strength and Core-Team of Real Estate professionals.
  • In most cases we arrange, prepare and control all mortgages through our company (releasing you of certain risks and responsibilities; allowing you more freedom)
  • No credit checks or hassle qualifying with a bank.
  • You will have your name or your company’s name legally registered on title.

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