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D.S. (Tokyo, Japan)


"My experience working with Glenn-Simon has really been wonderful! In the early summer (2006) I had no idea where in the world to invest in real estate and very little knowledge with which to go on. Fortunately, I found the Glenn-Simon website and contacted them. Within a short time I was the happy partner/owner of a great property that has already appreciated in value. I talked with Todd Millar several times on the phone, by email, and in person and was very impressed with his knowledge, expertise, and with his Canada-based team. And he is just a very friendly guy. He has been so patient with all of my inquiries and keeps me constantly updated on the investment scene. For me the main thing is that it is a hands free investment. Everything is handled by Glenn-Simon. I feel very confident with my investment with them and look forward to working with them more in the future." 

Brian Likamshum (Toronto, Canada)

Brian Likamshum

"The decision to work with Todd was an easy one. I wanted to be a silent partner looking to invest in Alberta. Todd has a real estate machine with extensive experience investing abroad along with an impressive property resume.

Todd was informative, friendly, and extremely helpful in finding solutions to any problems. We acquired a property in Edmonton that had a long close. It was exciting to hear that our rents were higher than projected, the property had appreciated substantially before the closed and we have a positive monthly cash flow.

2007 looks to be an incredible year for buying properties in Alberta. I feel like we have a great working relationship. There are high hopes in purchasing more properties. "

Dr. K. Shimomaki (Tochigi, Japan)

Dr. K. Shimomaki

"I am happy to invest with Glenn Simon Inc. in Alberta. In the last two years I've doubled my investment. I plan to use part of my profits to keep a summer home in Canada. Todd's research and facts into Alberta were clear. It is easy to understand why Edmonton and Alberta are the best places to invest in Canada."

V.H. and D.H. (Edmonton, Alberta)

V.H. and D.H.

"We had been looking for a way to increase the return on our investments and knew that Edmonton real estate was appreciating rapidly. We were not interested in hands on property management, but when we came across the GlennSimonInc website, we were immediately interested, and decided to contact them for more information."

"We were impressed with their professionalism right from the beginning. The attention to detail and clear communication gave us confidence to invest with them, and we could not be more pleased with the experience we've had with them so far."

"Todd and Danielle understand real estate. We look forward to doing more business with them in the future."

Annalisa and Graham B-F (West Vancouver, Canada)

Annalisa and Graham B-F

"Graham and I had been talking for sometime about investing in real estate in the Edmonton area, but who would be trustworthy enough to manage our investment? I found Todd and Danielle’s names on the internet…and their company answered all our requirements. I did extensive research on the company and people they work with. We talked to several satisfied partners over the phone and with doubts gone, we decided to buy our first property with Glenn Simon Inc.

Now we hope to meet Todd and Danielle in person…yes, they live in Japan, we in B.C. and we have never met. Todd spent hours answering our many, many questions both on the phone and on the internet. We never felt he was pushy or intrusive, actually he is extremely patient, knowledgeable and professional. It has been a pleasure dealing with Todd and Danielle, our conversations touched on many subjects, not just business. That showed us they are real people with realistic goals backed up by extensive research and a first class team working with them. We are now thinking about our next investment with Glenn Simon Inc."

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