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  Why Alberta? Why Now?
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Alberta Has Economic Growth Rivaled Only By China

Alberta is in the midst of the strongest period of economic growth ever recorded by any province in Canada's history. This one of the great booms in Canada's history don't just read about it take part in it." Canadian Economic Observer

No. 1 Cost Effective City To Do Business 

The underlying economic fundamentals in Canada are the most  favorable in all of the G-7 countries. 2006 KPMG study ranked Canada as the No.1 country for the sixth year in a row, and Edmonton as the No. 1 city to do business in the world. Thus creating a stable long term economy.
Edmonton Real Estate Market Outlook April 2007
Edmonton Economic Facts 2007

Toronto Dominion Provincial Update 2007
Alberta Economic  Highlights 2007

Alberta Economic Quick Facts 2/2007
Provincial Outlook From Bank Of Montreal (Alberta pg.20-21) 2006
Investing in Edmonton 2005

A World Model - Zero provincial debt

Alberta has zero provincial debt, a $7 Billion budget surplus, PLUS  a $7.1 Billion Contingency Fund, thehighest incomes in Canada as well as the lowest taxes equating to Alberta being the most affordable province to live in Canada. Albertan's also have the highest disposable incomes, therefore, they have extra income to spend on homes, automobiles and other big ticket items. Alberta's population is growing faster than any province in the country. In 2006 Alberta had the strongest growth rate among the provinces and territories, almost three times higher than the national average. This was due to its booming economy and its highest ever level of migration from other parts of Canada.
Alberta's Cost Of Living 2006
Real Estate Facts For Edmonton 2005

Stellar conditions
"Edmonton’s residential resale market has experienced extraordinary price growth in 2006 due to a combination of robust demand and shortage of inventory. Many of the forces that have bolstered sales and prices in the new home market this year, such as strong income growth, stable mortgage rates and surging in-migration, have produced similar results in the existing market. Sales on the MLS will achieve a record 21,200 units this year despite a chronic shortage of listings. In 2007, sales will pull back slightly due to some consumer resistance to recent price hikes. However, the expected 20,300 sales will still represent the second best year on record.."

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Alberta's Growing Workforce

Edmonton's exceptional economy, industrial expansion and business confidence creates a climate that promotes long-term investments such as property. The stellar conditions are helping to fuel unrelenting demand for housing, pushing building permit values, housing starts and resale prices to record levels.  National and global economists agree that the long term forecast for economic growth will continue well into the next decade.
Alberta Profile - Scotia Bank of Canada

Alberta's Oilsands second only to Saudi Arabia.
Greater Edmonton is the service and supply hub of Alberta's oil and gas industry. Alberta's Oilsands hold a proven  175 billion barrels of recoverable oil, second only to Saudi Arabia. CIBC World Market chief economist (Jeff Ruben) reports ('06)  Alberta
Oilsands to be the world's largest source of new crude oil by 2010.
Oil Sands could top Saudi Arabia by 2010
The Future of North American Energy CBS 60 Minutes Report

An Oil Reserve That Can Last Centuries
High Technology Transforms Petroleum Market

Alberta Oil Sands to Star
Canada's Greatest Buried Energy Treasure

The world's Largest Single Deposit Of Oil

Petro-Canada Oil Sands Strategy
Alberta Oilsands Heartland Region Next Big Boom

In 2003 the TD bank identified  "the corridor"- Edmonton to Calgary  as  the most prosperous region in Canada, an economic "tiger."  It's the only place in the entire country " to blend U.S. levels of wealth with the Canadian-style quality of life."

"....two years on and the TD number crunchers say economic growth in the corridor "has exceeded the expectations we formulated in our 2003 report."  The standard of living for the 2.2 million people estimated to be a whopping 47% higher than the Canadian average.  We're even 23% more prosperous then the US average.

Paul Stanway The Edmonton Sun Friday October 7th 2005

Alberta Oil Sands CIBC Report 2006

Canadian Investor Report

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