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If you've landed here you probably want to know how we can help you safely build recession proof, long term wealth.

Glenn Simon Inc., established in 2002 is an Alberta registered company.  Delivering you superior, hands free, revenue joint venture properties in the economic power house region of the Alberta Oil Sands, Canada.

Our goal is to partner you with equity building Edmonton Alberta Oil Sand Real Estate, strong appreciation and consistently profitable, safe and secure investments.  We are Edmonton joint venture specialists.  Here are some reasons why you should partner with us.




        Canadian based wealth building real estate joint venture investment company

       Focused on the Edmonton, Alberta and surrounding areas resale housing market


        Quality revenue properties chosen using a proven real estate system

        Purchased undervalue and/or with a decreased down payment

        Evaluate potential properties using A.C.R.E. system

        Inspect, negotiate and conduct exemplary due diligence on property

        Finance, insure and hold mortgage on investment property

        Cost effectively renovate property up to a top standard of rent readiness

        Choose quality, equity building tenants that improve the propertys value

        Appropriately market time and sell to maximize profits



        Fund Investment Account.


  1. Partner with us. Commence a joint venture agreement with Glenn Simon Inc.

  2. Fund investment account.

  3. Buy and hold property for 5-7 years or when 35% in appreciation has been achieved.

  4. Sell. Realize profits. Reinvest as desired.


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