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  RRSP Mortgages and Secondary Financing: $25K – Unlimited

  Safe. Secure. Easy. If you’re tired of poorly performing RRSPs or want to grow your capital in a fixed return investment then this is a good match for you. Second mortgages are secured against quality properties. You lend money like the bank at a fixed rate of return for a set time period. In this scenario you don't hold real estate- but secure a mortgage against it.

Solution for poorly performing RRSPs - invest the value of your RRSP into income producing assets, now you can put the value of your RRSP to work without cashing it in.  $75K investment     $100K investment
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  Joint Venture Partnerships  
  Co-Investors $35K~
Our entry-level residential investments are approximately $75K. If you have a smaller amount to work with it may be possible to team up with other investors to purchase a unit together. Get Started

Residential Investments $75K~
Single family homes, townhouses, condos or duplexes. You are registered on title as a 50% co-owner. You receive 50% of the property's equity, appreciation and cash flow. Get Started

Multi Family Investments $350K~
Multi family units and apartment blocks. Leverage your money in equity investments where you have an active share in the upside of appreciation, equity and monthly cash flow. You can take advantage of reduced taxes while enjoying high growth of net worth and cash flow. Get Started
  Popular Money Market  
Townhouses and Half Duplexes
Glenn Simon Inc
As townhouses and half duplexes become more appealing for both young professionals and retiring couples, this niche market delivers excellent returns month after month. Your benefits include a high building and maintenance coverage.
Single and Multifamily Properties
Glenn Simon Inc
One of the best investments you can make. Strong demand for rental housing, home buyer demand and lower entry point makes this a popular and profitable market.
Apartment and Commercial
Glenn Simon Inc
If you are looking for long term cash flow and big returns look to commercial multiplexes. Well-purchased commercial multiplexes can make you thousands of dollars of passive income each month.
  How do you want to spend your time?  

Real estate investing is a business that requires impeccable management by the owner. You need to personally be aware of the fair market prices of local houses, repair materials and labour costs. You need connections to receive the best prices and services available. You must have a thorough understanding of the local rental market. You need to qualify for and manage your mortgages.

Any person can buy houses and lose money. It requires investment experience in the Alberta market to buy and manage profitable properties.
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  Do you have a solid team in place?  

Investors are especially vulnerable to realtors and property managers who do a poor job. At Glenn Simon Inc. we often turn down realtors who bring us houses they think will make good revenue properties. They are often mistaken. Realtors are sales people, they are not investment advisors. Most houses do not fit our system for profitability. Only a professional investor knows which properties are wise investments. Long distance investors are often sold the houses local people would not buy. Remember, the realtor gets paid his sales commission even when you buy a house that loses money.

The same is true for property managers. They might not rent your properties for the maximum rent possible; fewer turnovers mean less work for them. Nor will they care for the properties as well as an owner would. Property management companies are paid monthly commissions by property owners even when the units are in a state of disrepair or negative cash flow.

Having a realtor and property manager does not mean you can be ‘hands-off’ your investment. You have to manage the people you include in your business.

Only a partner with an equal interest in your investment is going to manage your business to its maximum profitability.
We only profit when you profit.

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