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Facts about Canada - Read before investing

Before you invest one penny of your hard earned money know the facts. Here you'll find links, reports and research that we compile everyday to keep abreast of economic trends that will help you invest profitably and with confidence. When you are convinced Alberta is the best in North America go to Get Started to begin the hands free real estate investment process.

Edmonton's Long Term Economic Outlook 2014-2024

IMF Report Canada's Finacial Sector: How to enhance it's resilience - “In the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis, Canada's financial system held up remarkably well—making it the envy of its Group of Seven peers. 'says the IMF

About Alberta Oil Sands - Excellent video on Alberta Oil sands and the incredible Alberta economy.

Welcome to Edmonton - People are growing things in every city in the world, but we're doing it differently in Edmonton. Our economy and our culture, that spirit of openness and curiosity, of urban barn-building, is peculiar. People say it in different ways: this is the best place to build, to create, to get'er done.

City Breaks Construction Records in 2014

CMHC Edmonton Market 2015 Glenn Simon Inc A major attraction for migrants to Alberta has been its strong labor market relative to other provinces. To the end of September, Alberta recorded employment growth of 3.1 per cent over the corresponding period in 2013.

CMHC Edmonton Praries Rental Market Report 2014 Glenn Simon Inc

City of Edmonton Rental Vacancy Rate:GOAL - Monitor rental vacancy rate as an economic indicator of Edmonton Census Metropolitan Area's housing and rental market.

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Major Canadian Financial Institutions

RBC Housing Affordability Outlook 2014
"Affordability levels in Alberta continue to compare favorably against both historical averages in the province and nationally. We expect that construct-tive affordability conditions, a booming provincial economy, and strong population growth will continue to fuel demand for housing in Alberta in the year ahead."

TD Provincial Long Term Growth Prospects 2014
- Despite continued oil price volatility anticipated over the near term, the longer-term outlook for the Canadian economy is expected to remain steady, with annual growth of around 2%. While modest, these gains are slightly better, on average, than our projection of the trend growth rate in real GDP. This steady-as-it-goes economic outlook is forecast to be complemented by continued gains in employment, as a strengthening labour market pulls the unemployment rate down toward 6% through 2018"

TD Provincial Economic Update 2015
"Facing a lesser fiscal challenge and supported by commensurate upgrades to the commodity price forecast, Alberta and Saskatchewan’s near-term growth prospects received a larger-than-average boost. These two provinces are now expected to lead the pack with solid average annual growth of 3-3.5% over the next two years."

Finance Alberta Economic Outlook 2014 -2017 - Alberta continues to fire on all cylinders

Scotia Bank Alberta Fiscal Pulse 2015-16Glenn Simon Inc
"Alberta';s real GDP is expected to advance just 0.4% in 2015, with nominal GDP dropping 8.1%. Reflecting the production economics of capital-intensive bitumen extraction, Alberta expects its oil production over the five years to FY20 to climb almost 35%, propelled by a 46½% gain in bitumen with a drop of almost 13% in-conventional crude."

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Canada Focused

Canada - Unmatched Investment Climate for Foreign Investors voted by KPMG as the best of the G7 countries to invest and do business in for six years in a row.

Canada's World Class Economy - Think Canada. Think Dynamic. Think Competitive. Think Bottom Line.

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REIN - Real Estate Investors Network

Edmonton Transportation Effect

"Edmonton transportation improvements will deliver a 10%-20% enhancement of real estate values in the regions most affected. In the future, these areas will outperform the rest. If the market goes if the market goes up everywhere, these areas will increase by about 10% - 20% more. If the Alberta values drop, these will drop by 10% - 20% less."

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