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This section is designed for folks who've already secured their financial future and are looking for a second home.

Do you dream of waking up to the sound of waves breaking along golden shores, inhaling the gentle scent of tropical flowers and fresh salt air? Or does your perfect morning reflect the solitude of a secluded mountain vista, overlooking the rain-forest below?

You've worked hard and now it's time to relax.... Below you'll find carefully selected Retirement and Second Home destinations to turn your dreams into a reality. We've gone one step further - by providing you with our Trusted Partner Service which gives you the peace of mind knowing that you're working with skilled North American Realtors and their local teams that have made these enchanting countries their homes.
Chose your paradise and fill out the contact form, then you'll find out what you really need to know about the local culture, amenities, prices and relocation options from local experts.

Retire in Costa Rica

Sherry Gerlach and her business partner Patricia Crawshaw, both Canadian expats, formed their real estate company several years ago in Costa Rica with the goal of not only selling property but to provide advice and contacts in whatever areas necessary to make newcomers feel comfortable and welcome in a new environment.  Whether it be recommending competent lawyers, builders, initiating the immigration process or even things like where to shop, the best beaches and getting involved in community events; their service and expertise are unparalleled. Her partner Patricia and her have re-opened "The Samara Property Company" which they ran for several years in the past.

Samara, Guanacaste

 This small West Coast fishing village was pretty much a hidden gem that a small number of tourists were delighted to find. Oxcarts and horses were common, cars weren’t. And then a few years ago, when the paved roads went in and the Taiwan Bridge replaced the Tempisque Ferry, we experienced the beginning of a tuaround. We are now a fast-growing community with an ex-pat population made up of Canadians, Americans, Italians, Germans, Swiss, British, French and various others. One can find all the services in town but also live a bit removed in peace and privacy with beautiful natural surroundings.

Samara is the safest swimming beach in the country, next-door Carrillo is one of if not the most beautiful and also world renowned for sport fishing, and Camaronal is an expert surfing beach as well as a protected turtle nesting ground.

The country is known as the Switzerland of Central America and abandoned its military force in 1948. Its motto is “pura vida” (pure life) and offers a stable democratic Govement, safe drinking water, excellent and affordable health care system, a high level of literacy, freedom to live a comfortable and healthy life without a lot of rules and regulations, and a gentle population who are welcoming to foreigners.

"I would recommend Costa Rica to anyone as a place to retire. Many people who come here are enchanted by the lifestyle and never want to leave. I am one of those." Sherry Gerlach

Costa Rica has one of the best retiree incentive programs in the world:

  • Costa Rica has U.S. trained doctors with state of the art hospitals and medical facilities.
  • Costa Rica is easy to get to with non-stops daily from 22 US cities.
  • The first $75,000 of foreign earned income is tax free.
  • Buy and own property enjoying the same rights and protections as Costa Ricans
  • Costa Rica is a nature lover's paradise with incredible flora and fauna.

Retire in Panama

Advantages of Retirement in Panama


If you're thinking of retirement or a second home in a safe, beautiful, inexpensive place with a mode infrastructure, Panama is the smart choice. Indeed, Panama is ready-made for Americans with a USA style infrastructure, the by-product of the 90 year American presence in the Isthmus. The nearly 50,000 Americans who had to leave when Panama took over the Panama Canal in 1999 call Panama their "Paradise Lost." The majority are unhappy living in the United States - that should tell you something.

What Panama Has to Offer the Retiree:

  •    Panama also has one of the best retiree incentive programs in the world.
  •    Panama has medical facilities on par with the United States.
  •    Panama is close to the United States with direct flights to Panama from 7 major US cities.
  •    Retirement visa requirements are minimal.
  •    Buy and own property enjoying the same rights and protections as Panamanians
  •    Panama's currency is the US dollar.

"When the Canal Zone was abolished a couple of decades ago, Americans quickly became a relatively rare sight on Panama City streets. But that is changing. Panama has an extremely attractive retiree visa program, which has been quite successful in attracting American and other retirees. $500 per month, clean rap sheet, your birth certificate, and you are in. With a retirement visa, you get lots of bennies - such as steep discounts (varying from 25 to 50%) on almost everything, including utility bills, bus tickets, plane tickets, medical care, entertainment and the like." Scott Bidstra

Retire in Florida And Phoenix *COMING SOON*


If you're looking at snapping up a bargain in the USA we have targeted a few select areas in Phoenix and Florida. However, due to fluctuations in the market our research tells us it's better to wait a while longer before making a purchase. Sign up below and stay on top of the market to know when is right to buy

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