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Why Alberta

Reasons to Invest in Alberta Real Estate

Why Invest in Edmonton?Below you will find the facts behind Alberta's incredible economic fundamentals.  When you invest in an area with a strong economic base you leave behind the speculation that emotion based investing brings.

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Alberta and specifically Edmonton has:

A Strong Diverse Economy - The Conference Board of Canada considers Edmonton Alberta the most diverse economy in Canada (based on the distribution of employment among different industries). The result is one of the world's most vibrant and competitive economies.

Increasing Population - Alberta's population growth is higher than the national average. Alberta's population rose by 18,500, or 0.5 per cent, to 3,720,900, in 2010- the highest increase rate among the provinces. According to statistics Canada almost half of the growth in Alberta's population came from natural increase, the highest proportion among the provinces.

Real Estate Cycle - When Is the right time to buy?  Alberta's and Edmonton's population growth, low vacancy rates and high incomes have positively influenced  the real estate market. This strong real estate market significantly contributes to the Edmonton's economic growth. Edmonton real estate prices have already out performed the nation with increasing at 203% over the last 10 years. The future looks bright as Alberta and Canada lead the world as model economic environments.

Political Leadership - Positive and growth oriented provincial and city leaders are making infrastructure improvements, and fostering investment into the area which to date totals $83.3 Billion.

Transportation Improvements - The Anthony Henday ring road and Edmonton's LRT system will make transit more accessible, integrate the LRT with the current transit system an allow addition high-speed transit development in the future.  Our properties are focused in strategic locations near LRT stations and  planned portions of the Anthony Henday which with proper management will increase the R.O.I realized on the property.

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A Leading Province in a Leading Country - Strong Economic Management

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) recently said that Canada is likely to be the first of the seven major industrialized democracies to return to a budgetary surplus status by 2015. It also continues to greatly outperform its neighbor to the south in GDP growth without any signs of economic instability.

"The IMF expects that Canada will continue to lead the major advanced economies in average economic growth over the next two years, thanks to Canada's Economic Action Plan,"Our plan to eliminate the deficit by 2015–16 would put our debt-to-GDP level on a downward track from levels that are already low. This will maintain Canada's standing as having the strongest fiscal position in the G7." Canadian Minister of Finance Jim Flaherty

Canada --An Ideal Place to Invest

Canada Leads Developed Countries In KPMG Competitive study 2010 Glenn Simon Inc

Canadian Business Confidence Returns Globe and Mail August 2010

Banking and Financial Services : Prudence Equals Strength

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A World Model -

Alberta has the highest incomes in Canada as well as the lowest taxes making it the most affordable province to live in Canada. Albertan also have the highest disposable incomes, therefore, they have extra income to spend on homes, automobiles and other big ticket items. Alberta's population is growing faster than any province in the country.

Edmonton offers a low-tax regime, in addition to Alberta being part of the country with the lowest combined provincial and federal taxes of any province. The city also boasts the 8th lowest property tax among the 23 largest cities in Canada and is in the bottom 5 for business taxes.

Alberta  posted the strongest demographic growth among the provinces during the first three months of 2008, despite its lowest net increase from inter-provincial migration for a first quarter since 1995. This was due to Alberta's incredibly low unemployment rate, in fact the lowest in Canada.

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Stable conditions for the long term

Edmonton real estate market expected to be steady in 2011 -"“Consumers appeared wary in 2010 and after an initial surge of sales in the first Quarter, stayed home and waited for the market to bottom out,” “We expect the market to return to normal in 2011 and for sales to increase slightly. "Chris Mooney President Realtors Association of Edmonton

Edmonton has a diversified local economy with a GDP of greater than $44 billion ahead of many other Canadian provinces.

Edmonton's manufacturing sector, Canada's second largest manufacturing cluster, provides the skills base for Alberta's oil industry and for emerging natural gas pipelines. Edmonton is second only to Ontario's Golden Triangle in manufacturing.

To read more:

On the Ground Observations- Alberta 2009 Glenn Simon Inc

Edmonton Market Analysis CREA 2010-2011

Alberta's Growing Workforce

Edmonton's exceptional economy, industrial expansion and business confidence creates a climate that promotes long-term investments such as property. The conditions that are helping to fuel unrelenting demand for housing, pushing building permit values, housing starts and resale prices to record levels. National and global economists agree that the long term forecast for economic growth will continue well into the next decade.

Incentives Lure Industry to Canada

EEDC President & CEO's "Edmonton's Economy" - January 2011

Canada's Industry Recipe for Success

Edmonton - Finance, Insurance and Real Estate

Alberta's Oilsands second only to Saudi Arabia.

Greater Edmonton is the service and supply hub of Alberta's oil and gas industry. Alberta's Oil sands hold a proven 175 billion barrels of recoverable oil, second only to Saudi Arabia. CIBC World Market chief economist (Jeff Ruben) reports ('06) Alberta Oil Sands to be the world's largest source of new crude oil by 2010.

There are more than $90 billion in private sector projects announced or planned for the Edmonton service area - many based in oil sands development. Almost $.50 cents of every dollar spent on these Edmonton based projects will be spent on procurements and people, nearly doubling our the metropolitan areas industrial base within 10 years.

Oil Sands could top Saudi Arabia by 2010

Canada Increases Commitment to Renewable Fuels

The Future of North American Energy CBS 60 Minutes Report

An Oil Reserve That Can Last Centuries

High Technology Transforms Petroleum Market

Alberta Oil Sands to Star

The world's Largest Single Deposit Of Oil

Petro-Canada Oil Sands Strategy

Alberta Oilsands Heartland Region Next Big Boom

Edmonton energy resources are a hotbed of opportunity

The Edmonton service area has the 2nd-largest and the most politically stable oil reserves in the world. Edmonton is strategically located between that massive energy resource and the world’s largest energy consumer, the U.S. Greater Edmonton today is a hotbed of expanding opportunity. Extracts from Oil Sands to a World-Class Eco-Industrial Chemical Cluster for Greater Edmonton, Kline & Company Inc., June 2008 from the EEDC website

Canadian Investor Report

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